Full Charge Ahead!

Now I’ve purchased all of the major components as I’ve ordered also the KP-E 600W 72V 6A charger, so I can charge the batteries. I was thinking of installing the charger inside the former gas tank, if I can make sure there’s enough air flow. The bottom of the gas tank will be gutted open so I can place the controller and charger inside. I hope they will fit. And this way it would be safe from the rain. I might replace it with a 1.5kW weather proof charger some day, if there’s enough room for it in the chassis (maybe under the seat where the 12V battery used to be?). That would be the ideal onboard charger. Silent and fast.

In my scooter I have this small cheap chinese 48V 6A charger that’s usually stored below the seat, but I have to place it on the leg platform when I’m charging, as the seat compartment would only heat up too much (no air flow). So my solution in rainy days has been to set a rain cover over my scooter. As the charger is placed on the leg platform, it’s also safe from rain, thanks to rain cover. Also the cover works as a pretty good child-deterrent, I’ve noticed. There’s a kindergarden just next to where I work, and there’s been some small dirty footprints all over my scooter when I haven’t covered it… Heh. Little buggers. (Yeah, I might sound like an old geezer, I know.)

Also I’ve received the email confirmations that my conversion kit (motor & controller etc.) and the batteries has been shipped. As they’re delivered by DHL and TNT, it shouldn’t take too long until I’ll receive them.

Next sunday I’m going to see one of my most likely bike candidates. It’s in Helsinki so it’s not too far from where I live. We’ll see how that turns out. It’s not in driving condition at the moment, as it has been sitting in storage for 3 years, but I’m very hopeful it could be the “perfect candidate”. We’ll try it with a fresh 12V battery and we’ll change the stale gasoline and see if we’ll get it running. (I would like to buy it in running condition.)

Also today is my last theory lesson in driving school. Then the next step is that I’ll get to ride an actual 600cc Honda CBF600N. Yay! (Scary.)


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