Close, But No Cigar

The 1972 Honda CB500 I went to see last sunday seemed like a really nice bike and I liked it a lot. But for it’s price it would have needed quite a lot of work to get it in proper shape so that I can drive it for a while before the conversion. I’m hoping to find some nice bike in running condition first. Less to tinker with and I can concentrate my efforts to the actual conversion, when the time comes. I think the CB500 could have been the perfect sized bike, but there aren’t many in the market over here right now (this is such a small country). There are also couple 1980-1982 CB750’s in good shape that could be great frames for my project. Maybe I’ll go and take a look at those next. And there are other brands and models of course, but somehow I really like these Hondas. Good solid bikes with great reputation and should be easy to work with.

On another note, I’ve been following close by what Ted Dillard has been up to, as his little bike is very close to what I want to do with mine.  It happens that his motor and all the other components are pretty much the same I’m about to install into my motorcycle. Here’s a really nice video of him driving with his “R5eIII”, now with the same CALB cells I’ve already ordered for mine. If you’re interested making your own electric motorcycle, I can really suggest buying his “from Fossils to Flux” ebook.

Also stumbled onto another blog discussing the advantages of bottom balancing – my chosen method of keeping the battery cells in shape for years to come. I really suggest reading this, if you really think some BMS is the way to go.


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