Main Components Have Arrived

Got two pretty big packages this thursday and friday. The first package including motor, controller, twist throttle and contactor arrived thursday, from the good old US of A. The package really didn’t take too long to arrive (thanks to DHL that handled everything just fine).

And here’s the pics of the motor and the controller. The motor especially is quite a beast. Should have plenty of power for my needs. And the controller is perfect match for the motor. Should also be a very robust device, and easy to program with USB connection to PC (the fun part).

ME-1003 Motor

Alltrax AXE 7245 Controller

The batteries also arrived friday, ordered separately from the Czech Republic. The cells felt smaller than I had imagined, even if I already knew their exact size. Interesting to see how I will arrange them inside the bike frame. Shouldn’t be a huge problem, considering these are pretty decent sized cells. They will be fitted inside the custom welded battery boxes, made to fit inside the frame and installed (hopefully) on the original motor mounts.


Today I also went to see this pretty nice Honda CB650C, but unfortunately I decided not to buy this one, as it’s front forks had been modified (into a lot longer ones) and this specimen, due to these modifications, had spent a bit too large chunk of the available percentage our laws allow to modify the bike, spending them into something I don’t intend to change that much. Considering that the conversion will eat quite a lot of the available percentage, I don’t want to waste any unnecessarily. (So no cigar today either, even if it was close.)

Next I might go and take a look at a bit more expensive, but much better shaped 1982 CB750 model. We’ll see…


7 thoughts on “Main Components Have Arrived

  1. The builder of kWsaki has had really good experience with this method and the EVTV guys have been also been using it very successfully for couple years now. So I feel confident enough to take my chances. (You can find a link to kWsaki blog on the link section of my front page.)

  2. The 7234 can only output 300 amps. The 7245 is a better match for the ME1003 motor and the CALB battery pack that I have (with max 400A output).

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. Is 400A also the max output for your CALB batteries together? or can they discharge higher (in reserve) sorry i am unfamilliar with the specs of your blue CALB’s

  4. That’s also their max output on paper, for short bursts. But their voltage sags a lot if you try pull them too hard. I’ve set the controller to about 320-350 amps (can’t remember what setting I left there) to prevent stressing them too much.

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