Honda CB750F Bought

The search is over! And the winner is one really beautiful 1982 Honda CB750F Supersport.  She’s a one big lady from the 80’s, but the conversion should lighten it up considerably. My preliminary 3d sketches indicate that I should be able to fit my batteries real nice and tight inside. And since the bike is in such an excellent condition (even the tubular frame is sandblasted and painted), this will spare me a lot of time and I can concentrate on just the conversion. The engine compartment will receive some shiny black molded fiberglass fairing panels that I intend to design to fit the style of the bike.


On the component front, the battery charger and 12-tooth front sprocket for the electric motor arrived last week. The #50 sprocket should work fine with the 530-chain that the CB750F uses. Now I have pretty much everything I need to start rigging things together…


Next I’ll be setting up the test bench to test out all components and EV wiring setup. That should be interesting… The actual conversion I’ll begin only after I’ve had some time to get used to this motorcycle as gasoline powered. (Not before I have the driver’s licence.)

Also borrowed an XBOX kinect sensor from work that I intend to use for 3d scanning the bike into a 3d model that I can use as a reference when designing the engine compartment fairing panels and for planning the battery box design.


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