Wiring Things

Yesterday I finally started looking at how to wire things together. Then I realized I need bigger (10mm) cable heads for the contactor (had bought 8mm heads for my 35mm² wire) and I also bought some heavy duty on/off switch for the 72V high amperage circuit, to cut off batteries completely when the bike is not in use. And of course some fuses (for the contactor low amperage circuit), screws, nuts etc. that I will need to complete the wiring properly. And one temporary click-switch for the contactor power that will be replaced by the bike’s own key switch (hopefully). Still need to figure out how I will tie/bolt down the motor, for the test spin…

While I was preparing the cables, I also measured the battery pack. Still reads an even 84V (my own meter gives a bit bigger numbers than the one I had used other times) and individual cells read at 3.36V. Only one had 3.35V and one 3.37V which is only within 0.5% from each other. Not bad! From all the very positive experience people have had with the bottom-balancing, makes me wonder who needs a BMS at all…? Especially in these “homegrown” garage builds where you can monitor the pack and individual cells easily enough. It will be interesting to see how the pack and individual cells behave after I’ve used them empty couple times and charged them over and over again. Since there’s no indication of any bad cells, I’m not worrying too much.

In the evening I also went to take a look at a place where I could build my bike. It was a big hobbyist garage and I should be able to get a spot there where to work. Although it will take some 3 weeks before I can move in there. Can’t (don’t want to) wait for that long, so I might start already within a week or so, by de-ice’ing the bike outdoors and taking measurements for the battery boxes and motor mount. Both will be manufactured for me so I do not have to make them myself, other than by designing them.

And as a final note, I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with motorcycling, especially with my own bike. It handles like a dream and I couldn’t have hoped for a better frame. Driving with gasoline is real fun, but I can’t wait to experience the full torque of the electric motor and the total freedom without the clutch and gears.


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