So, I finally took the plunge.

The motorcycle has now officially been “DE-ICE’d”, as the EV people calls the procedure (ICE = Internal Combustion Engine). With the help of my Brother in Law the whole thing went real smooth and now there’s one shiny and lonely engine somewhere, possibly looking for a new happy owner. But I have not decided yet if I’ll keep the engine myself for the future, or sell it. If the electrification is a clear success, than it will most likely be sold.

I am SO glad the bike is in such a good overall condition. All the bolts came out clear and the frame is in excellent shape. Everything I will add to it will be bolted down to original engine mounts, without ruining the frame itself (or the engine, tailpipes etc). The EV components will be pretty much a “drop-in” package. And now I can finally take the precise measurements for the motor adapter plate, that will be used to connect the motor onto the frame, as well as begin planning the battery boxes and fiberglass fairings for the sides.


And once the bike is street legal, also the speedo cluster will be replaced with a more useful custom instrument panel. The new one I will build (after pretty much everything else has been done) will eventually have a smaller sized daytona speedometer, cycle analyst and a separate ammeter, plus separate LED lights for power (red led), beam light (blue led) and turn signals (green leds).

Here’s also a pic with the cafe racer style seat I’ve bought for it (direct bolt-on to the original mounts without modifications). Beginning to have a little bit of an idea what kind the bike will look like… After the inspection, the whole rear end behind the seat will be replaced with just a neat and clean chrome led bullet signal/tail lights (as well as matching front turning lights) and registration plate support and one small red reflector (pretty useless in my opinion but the law requires it). There’s also a really neat chrome cafe racer handle bar waiting, with a chrome bar end mirror, to replace the current “sport” handle bar and the original “mickey mouse” mirrors. (I love chrome. After loosing the pipes it really needs to have more.)


There’s also been some progress with the EV components. I’ve wired all the thick cables and now I need to bolt down the motor and provide the power for the contactor and controller with smaller wires, so I can test spin the motor before bolting the components onto the bike itself.



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