Motor Running

Today I went to get my motor adapter plate, as it was finally complete. And oh boy, it is awesome. It matches my CAD drawings perfectly and it fits the frame of the bike and the motor itself like a glove. It’s been water jet cut from 8mm 6082-grade aluminum plate. Pretty sturdy piece of metal… Didn’t break the bank, either.


And just to make the day perfect, today I finally tested out the electronics, running the motor without load. My wiring setup seems to work just great, even if it’s still missing the 6A reverse protection diode (ordered but not yet received) from the Alltrax schematics. For the test bench use I’ve set up a motorcycle 12V battery and a switch to “simulate” the motorcycle 12V system. The 12V controls the 72V system with a solid state relay. All the live wires to controller, solenoid and cycle analyst are also fused through the fuse box.


The red key/lever battery cut-off switch is rated for lower voltage systems, but it is not intended to be used as a emergency cutoff. It is there only to switch the batteries off completely after the bike has been shut down (kinda like the fuel valve previously). It’s rated for 500A in short moments so it should handle the currents just fine. I’ve also set up a small indicator led which I intend to install into the final dashboard to indicate the bike has been powered up. (Like you couldn’t notice the speedo and cycle analyst all lit up…)


Cycle Analyst powered up and measuring the power usage.


And finally, motor running. Yay!


3 thoughts on “Motor Running

  1. Hi There – First off, amazing job! I have been a fan of your maker bike conversion project for a while now and I am preparing myself for mimicking what you have done. I picked up a 1981 CB750 but not the sport version. Hoping I can still make this work. Would you be open to share the CAD file you used for creating the mounting plate? It would save me some time in trying to get it right myself. May need to be modified a bit to fit the CB750 frame if there is any difference. Thank you for your time! Cheers! Chris

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