Fitting the Motor

Today I tried the motor into the bike, using 10 and 12mm threaded rods. Still missing some proper 12mm nuts, but got it secured good enough to see how the motor fits. The upper part of the chain clears the swing arm just barely, so with the driver and 35kg of batteries on board it should clear it just okay (fingers crossed). Now I’m waiting for a 49 tooth rear sprocket and a proper length D.I.D 50 roller chain (non o-ring version) so I can try to spin the wheel with the motor. The old chain would have been fine, but it’s too short with the new axle position (gearbox had it closer to swing arm).

2013-08-18 18.55.57

I managed to connect the controller to our laptop via USB to serial adapter and got them talking with each other, so that I can now adjust the controller settings. For first test runs I’ve set the maximum power (max output current) to only 30% (135 amps) and made some other adjustments. Also changed the throttle curve to progressive. Feels pretty smooth now (tested on bench).



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