Oh So Many Wires

Bad things first. The battery boxes aren’t still ready. They were supposed to be ready last thursday and I had planned to take my bike to the welder so that we would have fitted the attachment points to the boxes. The welding company doing the boxes has been way too busy with other deals, as they’ve had people sick and “more important” customers in line. Yeah, life is like that… I know. (But it’s still annoying as hell.)

But on my personal front I’ve been busy fighting my own battles. During the last friday, weekend and yesterday evening, I’ve built a sort of “motherboard” for the bike where I’ve bolted down the major components, installed it into the bike and started wiring things together. Yesterday I got 95% finished with that. Only a little bit of finishing and double (and triple) checking all the connections, and I should be ready for the first test spin of the motor. Tomorrow I should be installing the chain and the new rear sprocket, so that we could see the wheel spinning too. Only if I could get the battery boxes as soon as possible, and I could actually be driving it for the first time…


Above: Tentacle monster, waiting to be installed into the bike!

I decided to ditch the previous battery isolation switch and bought a sturdier one, with easier structure to be bolted on to the “motherboard”. Kudos to Jarkko for tipping me about it. Below are some pics of the progress. Kinda feels the same as assembling a computer… (The whole mess of wires will be hidden below the seat and gas tank, as well as behind the side panels. And the loose wires will be zipped down tight.)


2 thoughts on “Oh So Many Wires

  1. Hi Toni

    First of all, congrats for your fantastic motorcycle looks like really nice and also for your blog. I’m involved in an electric kart with similar components, but I have a question about battery isolation switch. Could you tell me what model are your using? I can’t find it.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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