Yesterday I finished up some final cleanup and tried to figure out why the 12V battery had drained dead while the bike had sat there for couple of days. I suspect the DC-DC as everything else is key-switched (the converter has key signal switch too and should be shut down, but who knows)… I’ve now isolated even the 12V negative side from the DC-DC with a relay when the bike is shut down. And I’ve also added a physical battery cut-off switch for the 12V system, at least until I can be sure there’s nothing there draining the battery, when everything should be shut down.

I also got the aluminum battery boxes and test fitted them in the frame. Tomorrow I’ll transport the bike to the welder so we can create the attachment tabs so that they can be bolted down. They’re welded from 4mm aluminum so they should be pretty bomb-proof. Hoping to be able to make some test driving tomorrow… We’ll see.

And today I called to the inspection office and talked with the technician about the inspection. Hopefully this will be pretty straight-forward and the bike will become street legal (if nothing profound needs to be corrected). Then the real fun begins…


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