Batteries in Place

The batteries are now in place and everything works! The battery case structure seems really sturdy and I think it’ll do great. Only because it was in the middle of the night (literally) and I was dead tired, I decided against taking a small test drive with the bike. I really need to go through everything I’ve done (tighten any loose bolts and zip-tie wires etc) in daylight and figure out some sort of proper mounting for the DC-DC converter (which in the picture sits on top of the bike for the time being). With the batteries in place the converter doesn’t fit anymore below the gas tank. There’s enough room behind the upper box but I need to mount it there somehow. I might drill some holes to upper battery box (batteries removed) so that I can mount it on it’s side. I’m thinking of drilling the sloped corner areas in the top box as there’s room for bolt ends inside and I can first bolt some sort of a mounting plate there where I can bolt the converter on to. But in the long run I might actually consider a more expensive but a lot smaller converter to replace this bulky chinese one…

Batteries in Place


2 thoughts on “Batteries in Place

  1. Looking good! Seems like every new conversion is a little better than the previous. Can’t wait to see the final pictures with the tank and everything on!

  2. Thanks! I can’t wait either… I have to say I’ve learned so much from what other people have done – and especially from you and your kWsaki project. I really wish this “conversion culture” was a bit more alive over here in Finland, as it is across the pond. There’s so much we can learn from each other. I’ve also tried to document this project as well as possible so that the next guy making a home conversion can see if he can do even better.

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