First Impressions

First impressions? Wow. I’m loving it! Gasoline is just so 20th century.

The bike works real smooth and driving without a clutch or gears and with a sharp and responsive throttle and good acceleration, it’s fun as well as it is easy to drive. And handling has only improved with less weight. I really have no regrets going electric. I think I have taken one of the best bikes from the 80’s and made it a true 21st century vehicle.

Rolling along

During the last weekend I only took couple short trips around the neighbourhood. I was wondering why even at low speeds the bike seemed to have pretty high consumption (enough to notice). But as I went to check the tire pressures I noticed the rear wheel was near empty. Not totally flat but below 1 bar. Next spring for the next season, I’ll buy new inner & outer tires anyways. So I just filled it up and I hope it won’t empty itself too fast. And I’ll keep on monitoring the pressure. But anyways, after I had filled the tire, rolling became easier, with no real resistance and energy consumption dropped considerably. Also the acceleration feels a bit “sharper” now.

And this morning I drove it to work for the first time. This was a big thing for me, as I’ve built the bike to be my commuter vehicle. What was surprising, in a good way, is that during the 17,1km trip I only used about 940Wh (12,54Ah) according to Cycle Analyst. Which would give about 55Wh/km consumption and a 58km range, at speeds of 50-70km/h with these batteries. Interesting to see what is the total when I get back home. With our car it’s always been a bit more consuming to drive back home. (I guess in the morning I’m driving more downhill.)

At Work

Next weekend I’m hoping to have time to begin the Cafe Racer modifications. So new handle bar with a bar end mirror, smaller & prettier chrome led turning lights and the new cafe racer seat. And I really need to finally create a mount for the Cycle Analyst speed sensor magnet so that I could get proper Wh/km data from the Cycle Analyst directly.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Great write up. 55wh/km is pretty good, I am getting about 70 but my commuting speed is from 60 – 85 km/h range with most at 80km/h limits. Looking forward to the modifications.

  2. I am sure it will be more when I’ve returned home. And yes, the speeds on my commute are mostly 50-70km/h and only a short, maybe 1km section with 80km/h. This morning there were very few stops on the route, mostly just coasting along (I try to slip to work before morning rush hours). With our Prius I’ve managed to do the exact same route for 3.7l/100km consumption. And the average after I’ve returned home has been about 4.2-4.4l/100km. So I’d wager for day total of something around 60-65Wh/km when I’m home. (That would leave me still 1/3rd of the batteries in reserve.)

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