Driving Around

Last weekend was just way too busy, so I didn’t have time to install the new cafe seat and the chrome led turn signal lights, but yesterday evening I had at least a couple hours to work on the bike. I managed to fabricate a mount for the Cycle Analyst sensor magnet and to install the new handle bar with the bar end mirror. I found the wheel diameter (2082mm) and entered that to the CA setup. The magnet now works and the readings from the Cycle Analyst seem to be valid. I also installed a new handlebar on/off kill switch (previous one was glitchy and wasn’t used at all) but haven’t yet wired it. I’m going to wire it directly to the relay that is handling the solenoid control power, so the controller etc. will stay on, and this kill switch will disable only the throttle/motor.

I raised the bar a little bit with some riser bits that I had bought so that I could get a more comfortable riding position with the new handlebar. The new handlebar is a bit more “sporty” and narrow than the original one. But I think I like how it feels now. I didn’t want to go “full cafe”, which is usually way lower. That would kill my back. This new bar makes the handling a bit more steady at higher speeds (less leverage). But it’s still nimble enough at crawling speed. I also love the new bar end mirror. It gives me a perfect vision behind me and to my left side. Way better than the originals.

But now I really want to install the new headlight mounts so that I can lower the headlight. It will give the bike a bit more aggressive look. And the old speedo cluster looks like a huge blob with the new handlebar. But that will have to wait. I think I’ll work on that during the winter when the driving season is over. I expect that in about a month it will be too cold to drive. If not sooner…

So far I’ve driven about 200km with the converted bike and everything is working real great. And today was the fourth day that I came to work with the bike. All the readings so far have told me that the energy consumption has been approx. 60-63Wh/km when I’m back home (total of 35km round trip). This morning CA told me I had used only 55Wh/km on my way to work, with an average speed of 44km/h (the speed limits are 50-80km/h and there are several lights where I need to stop). So I am more than satisfied so far. With this kind of driving (typical in the area where I live) the range of the full pack should reach about 50 kilometers. Total pack energy of 3200Wh divided by usage of less than 65Wh/km makes about 50km. Each day when I’m back home from work, I’ve used about 2000-2200Wh and about 28-30Ah. The pack voltage has leveled off just below 80 volts (a bit less than 3.2V per cell) after the 35km trip, so it would seem that there really is still a considerable amount (more than 10Ah) of juice left, as there should be.


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