Speedo Thoughts

Recently I’ve been planning the final speedo cluster that I’m going to build to replace the original bulky blob of instruments. From what I’ve gathered, the law requires that I have a speedometer, and I don’t see why Cycle Analyst couldn’t handle that part just fine. I’m actually already looking mostly at the CA’s digital speed and almost never glance at the original speedo, even if it works just fine and shows just about the same speed. The CA now handles the trip distances and total travel and it’s very well illuminated and easily visible even in the dark. As the bike has now pretty much “reborn” it doesn’t matter if I’m not anymore logging the old total distance, which had already passed 90K kilometers with gasoline.

Also the law requires that the turn indicators have some sort of instrument panel lights and the high beams should also have one. I’ve bought these 12V led indicator lights with chrome bezels that I was planning on using to do just that. Two green for the turn indicators, a blue one for the high beam and a red one for the solenoid on/off indicator, telling when the bike is “armed and ready”. With these I could create a very minimalistic (and legal) instrument panel with all the info I could ever need. I also have a blue led voltage display that I was thinking of using to show the 12V system voltage, so that I know if there’s something wrong with the 12V battery or the DC/DC. I was thinking of placing the CA on top, 12V display below it and two of the led lights on it’s left side (left turn and power) and two on it’s right side (high beam and right turn). Nice and compact.

I’ve also been wondering what is causing the kinda high-pitched chirping sound from the front of the bike. I had noticed this sound already even when I was still driving with gasoline, and now after the conversion it started the annoy me a lot more, as the bike is otherwise so quiet. The sound was related to speed and I thought it was coming from the brakes. But today when driving to work, I tested to bend the speedo wire cable a little bit and it disappeared. The sound returned after a while and everytime I adjusted the cable while driving I managed to silence it. So the cause for the sound was the spinning speedo cable. Since the cycle analyst uses a separate magnet sensor, I could ditch the whole wire cable. The sound could also be fixed with just a new cable (or lubing the old one), but now I’m not so sure if I’ll ever install the daytona speedometer I had bought, even if it’s pretty. The daytona speedo uses a cable adapter to convert the signal into electric, as it’s also an electric speedometer. But if I’m not looking at it, why bother with the whole cable setup?


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