Winter Is Coming

Sigh. The bike is now stored for the winter. Got the bike stored in a nice warm indoor location nearby. Sweet dreams… (Do electric motorcycles dream of android drivers?)

The weather has been pretty awful last couple weeks and I haven’t really driven it much lately. Today was the last time this year. (And it was fun.) I’m really gonna miss driving on two wheels… The total I got to drive on electric was just over 400km. The bike worked like a charm and I used it about ten times to drive to work before the weather got too lousy to drive. It’s been raining all the time and the temperature has been close to freezing (some mornings there’s been some ice on the roads). So the driving season 2013 is really finally over.

During the winter I’m planning to do at least the new speedo cluster and install the new headlight mounts. And maybe some fairing work and a proper cover for the top battery box. If I have time…