Preparing for the Summer

Just went to see my bike at the storage, so that if there would have been something wrong, I would still have time to fix it before the season starts. I checked the tires, main traction pack voltage, plugged in the 12V battery (which I’m about to replace with a tiny 12V motorcycle lithium battery), and lighted everything up to see that everything still works. And so they did (no surprises there). The battery pack total voltage (83,4V) was just as it should be. So there should be no worries. I think I’ll just drive the pack near empty and check how well balanced the cells are, when I finally go get the bike. Looking good!

At the moment I’m still planning what to do with the intrument cluster. The old huge 1980’s “mickey mouse” speedo & tachometer will be replaced with a lot smaller and simpler instrumentation. I have now decided to use the Daytona speedometer and Cycle Analyst side by side and add couple of small led indicator lights for the beam, turn signals plus one red for the engine status (when the everything is turned on and the grip switch is in “ON” position). Should meet the requirements of the law. Also the headlight mounts will be replaced so that I can lower the headlight somewhat. Looks a bit goofy now (to my eyes).

The last few weeks I’ve been looking for good retro fairings that I could perhaps modify to cover the engine compartment, but it seems TGA and Airtech are pretty much the only choices. And the Airtech fairings would cost a fortune to ship to Finland. So I’m going ahead and try to do them myself. I have experience working with foam (finnfoam actually) that I can use to make the “plugs” that I will cast the fiberglass onto. But first I’ll try and make a proper cover for the top battery box (as you can see it’s still covered with a duct-taped rubber mat), before trying the more visible side fairings. We’ll see how that goes…


3 thoughts on “Preparing for the Summer

  1. Ha! That 83.4V sure is familiar. :) I got used to seeing it in the motorcycle and now with the car I’m building I keep being greeted by the same 83.4V when I turn the pack on. I think I’ll put a sticker in the dash which says that if voltage after charge is not 83.4V, give me a call. Obviously it could be a little higher if you’ve just charged. If it’s less there must be a problem. I think you’ll find your cells just as balanced as they were before.

  2. Heh. I had driven a little bit (few kilometers) with the pack before storing the bike and the multimeter I used to check the voltage first shows more than my CA when I turned it on. All in all, I really love how predictable these CALB cells are. And since the pack is bottom-balanced and there is no BMS to screw anything up, the batteries seem to have “hibernated” just fine without any supervision for the last 4 months.

  3. I think I get three different readings with the CA and two multimeters, so… :) It’s actually pretty amazing how the cells manage to do absolutely nothing if you keep them disconnected. Quite contrary to what the the BMS people believe.

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