Happy Earth Day!

What could be a better day to begin this season’s electric commuting than Earth Day (April 22nd)? The weather was sunny and it was so much fun to be on two wheels again! Also got to drive with my all new Davida-helmet (with the leather facemask since it was only 5 degrees Celsius in the morning). Really comfortable!


Pack in Balance

This morning I did a little inspection for my bike at the same time as I installed a new tiny 12V lithium battery to replace the heavier lead-gel battery I had in the bike. Since this 12V battery is only used for “ignition” and the DC-DC (with 400W out) will handle the actual load in use, this battery can be really tiny. So I installed a 1.7Ah LiFePo4-battery (with it’s own integrated balancing). So far so good.

While stripping down the bike, I inspected the traction pack voltage again. And it would seem to be in pretty good balance, about 3.35V per cell (total 83.9V) with minimal deviation, when charged full and it has waited for a couple days. Looking good.

Early morning temperatures have been below zero and there has been some ice on roads so I haven’t yet started using the bike for commuting. Next week looks promising, as morning temperatures should be well above freezing.

Ready To Roll

Last wednesday I went to get my motorcycle from winter storage. And oh boy it was fun to drive on two wheels, instead of being inside the enclosed metal contraption they call a car… I’ve missed this so much. (And it was easier than I remembered. Heh.)

Before driving, I filled the tires and checked lights etc. and it was ready to go. Then at home I charged the batteries to full and after a couple days I checked the battery voltage again. The pack voltage when charged full seems to be right where it’s supposed to be (about 84V with my multimeter that shows a bit higher values than the other ones). If there was a bad cell I think it would show already. I’m still planning on doing a full balance check, going through every single cell, but I’m now confident enough to start driving, once the weather warms up just a little bit. It’s been just below zero (Celsius) during the mornings, so there’s also been some ice on the roads. Next week they’ve forecasted warmer, so we’ll see if I can start commuting with the bike.

Still haven’t got any time to start working with fiberglass, so that I could create the side fairings or do anything about the instrumentation. But I’m not in a hurry, as the bike is “fully operational”.