Ready To Roll

Last wednesday I went to get my motorcycle from winter storage. And oh boy it was fun to drive on two wheels, instead of being inside the enclosed metal contraption they call a car… I’ve missed this so much. (And it was easier than I remembered. Heh.)

Before driving, I filled the tires and checked lights etc. and it was ready to go. Then at home I charged the batteries to full and after a couple days I checked the battery voltage again. The pack voltage when charged full seems to be right where it’s supposed to be (about 84V with my multimeter that shows a bit higher values than the other ones). If there was a bad cell I think it would show already. I’m still planning on doing a full balance check, going through every single cell, but I’m now confident enough to start driving, once the weather warms up just a little bit. It’s been just below zero (Celsius) during the mornings, so there’s also been some ice on the roads. Next week they’ve forecasted warmer, so we’ll see if I can start commuting with the bike.

Still haven’t got any time to start working with fiberglass, so that I could create the side fairings or do anything about the instrumentation. But I’m not in a hurry, as the bike is “fully operational”.


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