Honk Honk

I finally swapped the rusty old honker with a shiny new chrome unit, more fitting for the “café racer” theme. I’ve also received the new shiny headlight mounts that I’ve bought. Not sure when I will have the time to install those (so that I can lower the headlight a bit), as they require that I need to detach the front fork tubes so that I can slide them into place. And while removing the front forks I can also finally remove the old turn signal mount points, sticking out so ugly. But for the time being I might install the other cheaper mounts that I’ve also bought, as they don’t need this removal operation. Maybe in the summer vacation I’ll have more time to do these more labour-intensive operations. (With two really small kids, free time is a rare commodity.)

Nothing much else has been done for the bike lately. Just driving. Although it’s been pouring lately so I’ve taken the car instead, as I haven’t really improved the water resilience yet. The components can handle some water, but I really don’t want to let any dirt get inside the motor. I’m planning on adding a bottom plate below the frame to prevent any dirt from getting inside the motor from that direction. Although the battery boxes work as a pretty good mudguard from the front tire.

I’m also waiting for the vintage side fairings (only bought the lower side panels) that I’ve ordered from the UK and I’m hoping to fit to cover the angular battery boxes. And the instrumentation will be removed and replaced with a simpler setup; only the pretty Daytona speedometer and green leds for the turn signals and blue one for the beams. Also the CycleAnalyst display will get a better mount besides the Daytona, so it won’t have to stay fixed on the bar. And the top battery box really needs a proper cover, other than rubber mat and some black duct tape, which is my solution at the moment. And the wrinkles in the seat cover needs to be straightened. And new rear reflector needs to be done as the old one dropped (had real crappy quality tape glue).  Might just add a small square piece of reflector tape. The law doesn’t require anything fancy. Just that there would be one at a certain height and in the center line.

If I only had a couple full days to work on the bike…


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