Oh yeah! Yesterday I received my new fairings that I’m going to use to cover the angular battery boxes. This will also add some dirt protection for the motor. Should deflect most of the crap. The package was quite crushed in transport, but luckily the fiberglass panels inside were just fine. And oh boy was I glad that they looked to be just the right size (had really no idea since they were not meant for these 750cc frames). I’ll cut them a little bit from the top as they curve outwards (they are normally meant to be attached to the front fairing), before mounting them. But I’m so glad that I don’t have to start making them from scratch. I already have some good mounting points, built into the upper battery box. So fitting them should be pretty easy. These are exactly the kind of panels I’ve been looking for and I found them from TGA UK. The price was also very decent. I’m still waiting for the vinyl stickers (which will fit the theme) that I will be adding to the panels.

Now I’ve driven the bike as electric for about 800km, without any trouble at all. Yesterday when coming from work I was really glad to have an electric motorcycle when I sat in the traffic (there had been an accident on the road I use) and the temperature was close to ridiculously high 30ºC (86ºF) for the time of the year. The thing with electrics is that there’s no hot engine radiating heat, especially on hot days like these. Wearing black leather gear is already enough…


3 thoughts on “Fairings

  1. Whoa, that’s cool. I have to see what they have on offer. By the way, I think I saw you yesterday after work near Barona Arena. I saw a bike coming from the opposite direction and then I noticed some very familiar looking battery boxes! :) I was in a car myself.

  2. Heh, yeah you really did see me. I work at Niittykumpu and I travel that road to Kehä I every day. It’s a one small world indeed. If you come by another day, we could possibly meet? ;-)

  3. Yeah, I should definitely come check your bike out. I don’t have any of my electrics in Espoo though.

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