Alrighty. The old big & bulky “mickey mouse” speedo/tachometer cluster is finally gone, replaced with the beautiful and tiny Daytona Velona speedometer. And the headlight also has some new chrome mounting brackets, making it sit lower and closer to the frame, like in a proper café racer. Clean and compact. And I like it.

I still need to fabricate a proper mount for the CycleAnalyst and the indicator leds for the beam and turn signals. But first I need to figure out why I am not able to calibrate the new Daytona Velona speedometer. When I start moving, the speedo just shoots to 140km/h (maximum in it’s scale) and the calibration options in the menu doesn’t work. Which sucks. If I can’t make it work, at least I have another small (and cheaper) speedometer with a direct cable wire connection, that I can try. But it’s not nearly as pretty as the Daytona…

Edit (23.5): While discussing on a motorcycle FB group I was told it could be static from electric motor that is messing with the magnetic coils inside the wire to digital signal converter. Might have to switch to traditional magnetic sensor or try and tap into the CycleAnalyst’s sensor wires, if I cannot shield the converter from interference.

Edit (26.5): Yup. That was it. When I let go of the throttle, the speedo starts reading correct figures. But when I twist the throttle, even just a little bit, the magnetic field from electric motor messes up the converter’s coils and the speedo needle shoots to the max. So using this converter is out of question – you can’t use an analog to digital wire converter in an electric motorcycle. And the CycleAnalyst sensor can’t be tapped into (tried that too), so I might order a traditional magnetic or optical sensor for the Daytona. Or I’ll just drop the speedo altogether and sell it to someone else with a tradional gas bike. (CycleAnalyst works just fine also as my speedometer.)


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