New speedo

Well, I had no luck with the Daytona’s proximity sensor either. It seems that the same problem persisted no matter what sensor type I used. The magnetic field from the electric motor messed up with the speedometer itself. So I decided to remove it altogether and just installed another mechanical cable driven speedometer that I had in store as a backup. Looks and works just fine, even if the chinese “quality” is evident from the text (rmp instead of rpm). Also installed a new speedo cable as the old one was pretty worn out from the hub connection end.

Still haven’t had the time to do anything else, like installing the new fairings. Hoping to do it as soon as possible… I’ve also received my new shiny Japanese-built headlight with chrome-plated metal housing, which is a little bit smaller than the current banged & scrached up original one. Going to look purdy, for sure.


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