It’s been pouring cats and dogs lately, so during this rainy midsummer weekend I finally added some extra protection to front and bottom of the battery/motor compartment to prevent water and other crap splashing into battery cases and the motor. I used some 3mm plastic sheet, fixed with rubber-padded clamps to the tubular frame. It didn’t rain in the morning, but it had rained whole yesterday and all night and there were lots of puddles here and there. And the motor was completely dry once I got to work. So it seems to do it’s job just fine. Next I’ll be adding the side fairings, which will add some extra protection, especially on rainy days.

What I also did was that I added a proper bottom plate for the 12V battery, under the empty gas tank. So it’s much better secured there now. Also in my (never-ending) to-do-list there’s adding some protection for the front sprocket as a chain guard of sorts. And I’ve got a new shiny headlight that I’d like to install as well.

Luckily I’ve got only this week left at work. Then it’s seven weeks of holidays for me… Oh yeah! (Maybe some time to work with the bike too.)


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