Bike in Winter Storage

Finally decided to store the bike for winter and drove it for the last time this year. Hadn’t been able to drive that much anyways, as the weather has been too cold and wet for my taste. Yesterday when I took it to storage, temperature was about 0 degrees Celsius and the batteries seemed real sluggish. I bet the range wouldn’t be that great either. So now it’s in the warm storage, waiting for the next season. (And it’s a loooong wait.)

So this was my first full season with the bike. The only really problem I had with it was the faulty charger. Otherwise the bike itself has worked great and as expected. I had hoped to install fairings and other “bling-bling” this year, but since the bike has worked as intended, and I’ve had very little time to anything about it, I’ve postponed that. And I have no real plans for it during this winter either, since I will be occupied with other things. In the spring I’m planning to do some regular brake maintenance, but otherwise it should be good to go once the weather warms up again and the snow melts.