Wakey wakey!

The season has begun! So today I finally went to get my bike from the storage. It’s always reassuring to see the pack voltage where it’s supposed to be, when the pack is connected again and power turned on after more than 5 months of slumber. Just had to pump some air into the tires and everything else checked out fine. And when I drove it to my parent’s house (where I originally built the bike) it was really fun to be on two wheels again!

Next I’ll remove the batteries and I’ll make some improvements, especially to the battery cases. I need to make a proper lid for the top box and I’ll also add some spacers that should keep the batteries from jumping up and down in the case when hitting some bumps etc.

There’s also couple other things I’m going to do, but I’ll talk about those when I’m working on them…



Ah, spring! Finally! Soon I’ll go and get my motorcycle from the storage. Just need to arrange it. I hope everything is ok with the bike. First I think I’ll make some basic check-up and maintenance. At least I need to tighten the chain a little bit. And I’ll check the cell voltages and even possibly bottom-balance the whole pack once more. The top battery pack should also have a proper lid (finally), not just some rubber-mat & jesus-tape hack. So that needs to be fabricated. And I’d love to install the fairings as well, to make the bike to look a bit less “blocky”.

On the technology side, I think I’ll get a PowerLog 6S that I’ll rig to monitor five groups of five cells each (about 15-17.5V per group). With this device I should be able to monitor the pack more accurately and have an audible alarm if any of the groups starts to deviate enough (say one of the cells starts to drop way below safe limits before the others).

Even with the bottom-balancing, adding an extra layer of monitoring isn’t that a bad idea. We’ll see how that will work.