eHonda Tech Specs
Frame: 1982 Honda CB750F Supersport
Original Engine: 750cc 57kW (78hp), peak torque 67Nm @ 7000rpm
Electric Motor: 11,5kW continuous, 23kW peak, torque 64Nm @ 320A
Gear Ratio: 1 to 4,08 fixed (12-tooth front, 49 rear)
Top Speed: Geared to about 100km/h (could go a LOT faster with a different ratio)
Battery Pack Capacity: 3,2kWh
Battery Pack Voltage: 80V (nominal)
Range: About 40-50km in my own use, in a mix of 50-80km/h roads.
Electric Mileage: 50-70Wh/km (50-55Wh/km in my own use)
Converted Weight: approx. 180kg (about 400lbs)
Original Curb Weight: 253kg (558lbs)
Emissions: Zero (charged with wind energy)
Conversion Cost: 4465 euros, not including the original bike, cafe racer mods or any of the actual work.

Main Components
Electric Motor: Motenergy ME-1003 Brush-Type Permanent Magnet DC
Controller: Alltrax AXE 7245 (72V 450A) controller
Batteries: 25pcs CALB SE40AHA, 3.2V 40Ah LiFePo4 cells
BMS: none, they are bottom-balanced and monitored manually
Charger: KP-E 600W 72V 6A charger (full from empty in 7-8hrs)
DC-DC converter: KDCC Series DC/DC Converter 72V to 13.5V 400W 30A
Instrumentation: Cycle Analyst V2.3 (High-Current)

eHonda Electric Motorcycle
The motorcycle and it’s components were specifically selected to fulfill the needs as my daily commuter. I needed at least 35km range and top speed of 80km/h, which are the basic requirements for my daily round trip to work. In the morning I will unplug it, go to work with it, and after work I will drive it back home and plug it in for the night, never needing to visit a single gas station. I also wanted to keep the total cost of the bike reasonable. After looking at all of my component choices, I finally ended up with an identical setup that Jarkko has in his kWsaki, as it’s a proven, solid combination. Not too complicated or expensive, either. And I ended up with about 60km range and 100km/h top speed, achieving my goals with a fair margin, so there’s enough room for some capacity-loss over the years.

Economics of an Electric Motorcycle
The electricity will cost about 50 cents per 100km and the LiFePo4-batteries should easily last more than 10 years before needing replacement. Motor, batteries and electronics are practically maintenance-free. So it should be very cheap to operate. And the insurances for this kind of a 30+ year old motorcycle ain’t too expensive either. Overall cost of the batteries that will need replacing in ten years will probably be less than the engine maintenance costs for this same time period with a modern gasoline bike. And when the time comes to upgrade, the batteries should be a lot cheaper than they are now, as well as have a lot more juice in them. In the future it will be easy to install new type of batteries inside. Of course with a motorcycle you will always need to take care of the tires, suspension, chain, headlight etc. But all this regular maintenance needed with the bike I will be able to do myself, which was also one of the main goals. What is left to maintain doesn’t differ that much from a bicycle…

Electric Conversion Cost (final)
The total was 4465 euros including the inspection. My original estimated budget was approx. 4000-4500 euros, using off-the-shelf components. Although this does not include the original motorcycle or the optional cafe racer mods (“your mileage may vary”). The batteries alone were 1500 euros including shipping and VAT, and the electric motor kit with controller and solenoid was another almost 1500 euros. The rest of it adds up from professionally-welded battery boxes, water-jet cut motor mount, some of the tools I needed, cables, connectors, fuses, relays, switches, bolts, nuts, etc. as well as the technical inspection to make the conversion road legal.


3 thoughts on “Specs

  1. You deserve a medal Dude! “Emotocycles” have to be the future of motorcycling, ATC.
    Is it on your radar to make a business of of this little winner?
    I guess ‘distance’, or ‘battery-life’ is the biggie?

    Good on ya’!

  2. Terve
    Kiitos, minulla oli apua sinun sivustasi kun sain oman projektini katsastukseta läpi.
    Honda 250 – 82. Muutettu sähköiseksi. 48v moottori max 15 hp. Lyjyakuilla, kulkee noin 30 km yhdellä latauksella. Hauska peli.

  3. Do you have a follow button for your site? Couldn’t find it. I am thinking about building an electric bike myself. Have been looking at a lot of builds. Your’s looks nice and clean.

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