Here’s a rough to-do-list that I used to track the approximate the progress of my conversion.

  1. Acquire motorcycle driver’s licence.
  2. Acquire a gasoline powered motorcycle.
  3. Preparation: Order motor, controller and electronics kit.
  4. Preparation: Order charger for the batteries.
  5. Preparation: Order batteries and connectors.
  6. Preparation: Order 12-tooth front sprocket for the electric motor.
  7. Preparation: Order a DC-DC converter.
  8. Preparation: Order Cycle Analyst (instrumentation).
  9. Preparation: Bottom balance the cells.
  10. Preparation: Charge the pack for the first time.
  11. Preparation: Wire and test all the EV-tech on test bench.
  12. Preparation: Order a new bigger (49 tooth) rear sprocket.
  13. DE-ICE: Remove the gasoline engine and all other dirty parts (yuck).
  14. Conversion: Plan and design battery boxes and motor mount.
  15. Conversion: Order the custom CNC motor mount.
  16. Conversion: Buy a proper length D.I.D 50 Roller Chain.
  17. Conversion: Install motor into the frame.
  18. Conversion: Install electronics.
  19. Conversion: Test spin the wheel!
  20. Conversion: Have the battery boxes made.
  21. Conversion: Install the battery boxes and batteries.
  22. Conversion: Test Drive!
  23. Make it street legal: Have the bike inspected. DONE! (20.9.2013)