Here’s a rough to-do-list that I used to track the approximate the progress of my conversion.

  1. Acquire motorcycle driver’s licence.
  2. Acquire a gasoline powered motorcycle.
  3. Preparation: Order motor, controller and electronics kit.
  4. Preparation: Order charger for the batteries.
  5. Preparation: Order batteries and connectors.
  6. Preparation: Order 12-tooth front sprocket for the electric motor.
  7. Preparation: Order a DC-DC converter.
  8. Preparation: Order Cycle Analyst (instrumentation).
  9. Preparation: Bottom balance the cells.
  10. Preparation: Charge the pack for the first time.
  11. Preparation: Wire and test all the EV-tech on test bench.
  12. Preparation: Order a new bigger (49 tooth) rear sprocket.
  13. DE-ICE: Remove the gasoline engine and all other dirty parts (yuck).
  14. Conversion: Plan and design battery boxes and motor mount.
  15. Conversion: Order the custom CNC motor mount.
  16. Conversion: Buy a proper length D.I.D 50 Roller Chain.
  17. Conversion: Install motor into the frame.
  18. Conversion: Install electronics.
  19. Conversion: Test spin the wheel!
  20. Conversion: Have the battery boxes made.
  21. Conversion: Install the battery boxes and batteries.
  22. Conversion: Test Drive!
  23. Make it street legal: Have the bike inspected. DONE! (20.9.2013)

2 thoughts on “Steps

  1. Great blog, great info. I’m really inspired to do this over the winter months. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Hopefully it’ll inspire others to think differently. I’m certain it’ll catch on.

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