Street Legal!

It is now official! This morning I went to inspection office (A-katsastus) to have the the bike inspected and registered as an electric motorcycle. And it passed! The bike weighted 190kg so it’s now 60kg lighter than as a gasoline bike. (It used to weight 250kg.) And while driving (or even pushing it at the parking lot) you can really feel the weight difference, especially in low speeds and when braking to stop lights.

The inspection guy went through the usuals, like the lights etc. and everything checked out. Then he looked at what had been changed in the bike and compared the ME1003 motor spec sheet to the engravings in the motor and assigned the motor nominal power to the registration sheets. Then it was only paper work. And this only paid 54 euros. Not bad.

Inspection passed!

I drove it on the highway, testing it’s acceleration and top speed, as I’ve set the controller to more power. It now accelerates very rapidly to about 90km/h and then a bit slower to 100km/h which seems to be about it’s top speed. I guess my estimations for the gear ratios was spot on, again. Can’t believe how much nicer it is now to drive as an electric. Smooth, sharp and ten times easier than it used to be. Also the sound from the chain seems to have smoothed out a bit and it ain’t seem to be as loud as it was on it’s first test drive. The sound is very comfortable (almost inaudible in crawling speeds) and I can now actually hear the other traffic (cars etc) while driving. Definitely improves my own safety. And it easily leaves all cars behind in lights, so I’m not a slug anymore with the new settings.


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